Dinner on Stage Experience, Dinner at Eight

Ordway center for performing arts

A magical evening was curated to celebrate some of Minnesota Opera's most supportive and elite patrons.  The exclusive dinner party was held on the set of Dinner at Eight, at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This event not only celebrated the new production, but honored the many creative talent responsible for bringing this production to life.

The dinner was surrounded by a three-dimensional skyline custom built to mimic New York City. From 5th Avenue shops to the Eiffel Tower - the surroundings brought to life an unforgettable experience and ambiance. To amplify the feel, fragrant Wisconsin raised floral were added, fresh lobster was one of the many menu selections and a dramatic lighting plan was perfected.

World renowned Soprano Brenda Harris gave a private performance alongside Pianist Dale Johnson. As her voice flushed a soul-filling joy into the hollow theater, Dale's piano tunes painted an enchanting echo creating a fascinating masterpiece.

What a dinner - what a delight.